• The most recent grant guide is FUNDING for SOCIAL JUSTICE WORK: Equality in Love, Life & Liberties: 250+ Grants.  This is a new Social Justice directory of  250 funding opportunities for U.S. based nonprofit organizations, faith-based programs, universities, local governments and others working to make the world more equitable.  342 pages.  It also includes a section on how to write a grant and a section about other fundraising methods.  Available on Amazon!  Go to and search for FUNDING-SOCIAL-JUSTICE-WORK

  • I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries asking if I can help find funding to reduce debts or help start a business.  No, sorry, I only work with nonprofit organizations re: grants and nonprofit issues.
  • I do accept contracts to research a topic (such as gathering demographics for an area) for  businesses, associations or nonprofit entities.
  • Send me an email at if you are interested in a copy of  my 2012 booklet Resources for Persons Touched by Cancer (not on Amazon) which includes financial assistance for medical, living and vocational expenses when coping with cancer in the family.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can you write the grant and then if awarded we will pay you out of the grant?
A: No, I do not work for a percentage of a grant, a commission or for a contingency fee. Grant funds cannot be used for work preparing the proposal or for work that occurred prior to the grant project start date.   For example, if a grant is submitted to a funder, say to meet a July 1 due date, and the funder says all notices will be issued by September 30, then, your project’s budget would begin after that date.  The budget would include all projected costs to accomplish your project that occurs after the project start date (in this example, probably Oct. 1.)  Your end date could be Dec 31, or, one year later – such as Sept. 30th. All costs included in the project itemized budget are those needed to accomplish the project during the time frame.

Q:  How do services begin?
A:  All services begin with a contract and a deposit on agreed upon services.

Q:  What are the cost of services?
A:  All services provided remotely are billed at $50/hour. You can name the cap or project total.

The $50/hour rate is applicable to the following Menu components:
1. Helping your nonprofit become grant ready.
2. Conducting research about a prospective funder or foundation before applying (Causes they support, Background, Range of Awards, Deadlines, etc.)
3. Compiling a list of potential funders for your project.
4. Developing a case statement.
5. Developing an appeal letter.
6. Developing a letter of inquiry to send to prospective funders.
7. Developing a grant template for you or proposal that you can adapt for
future grant opportunities.
8. Developing a thank you letter template that you can adapt for future donors.
9. Developing a donor envelope for your organization.
10. Outlining and guiding you through a grant proposal.
11. Reviewing a grant you have written.
12. Mentoring new grantwriters by phone and email.