NEW! Social Justice funders book NOW AVAILABLE!

FUNDING for SOCIAL JUSTICE WORK: Equality in Love, Life & Liberties: 250+ Grants

Go to and search for FUNDING-SOCIAL-JUSTICE-WORK or click on link

A new Social Justice directory of funding resources is completed!  It includes a section on how to write a grant, a section about other fundraising methods, and 250 funding opportunities for U.S. based nonprofit organizations working to make the world more equitable.

It is for sale on Amazon.

The chapters are as follows:
Chapter 1. Social Justice
Chapter 2. Equality in Love and Gender Identity
Chapter 3. Diversity, Tolerance, Inclusiveness
Chapter 4. Democracy and Voter Rights
Chapter 5. Environment and Water Rights
Chapter 6. Women and Reproductive Rights
Chapter 7. Art Based Activism
Chapter 8. Other Fundraising Resources

Send an email to if you’d like more information!

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