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The most recent book (only available via Amazon – link ) is:

FUNDING for SOCIAL JUSTICE WORK: Equality in Love, Life & Liberties: 250+ Grants.  This new Social Justice directory of funding resources includes a section on how to write a grant, a section about other fundraising methods, and 250 funding opportunities for U.S. based nonprofit organizations, faith-based programs, universities, local governments and others working to make the world more equitable.  342 pages.  The chapters are as follows:

Chapter 1. Social Justice

Chapter 2. Equality in Love and Gender Identity

Chapter 3. Diversity, Tolerance, Inclusiveness

Chapter 4. Democracy and Voter Rights

Chapter 5. Environment and Water Rights

Chapter 6. Women and Reproductive Rights

Chapter 7. Art Based Activism

Chapter 8. Other Fundraising Resources

Go to and search for FUNDING-SOCIAL-JUSTICE-WORK or use link


  • The Food, Farm and Garden Funding and the Pet, Animal and Wildlife Funding books include valuable funding sources (almost all from private foundations) and new technical assistance resources. There are sections on using the directory, tips, other means of fundraising and even instructions for writing a grant.  Each of these may be purchased for $23.75 plus shipping by credit card on Amazon or CreateSpace.

Cover snapshot Food, Farm

Food, Farm and Garden Funding: 300+ Grants, Scholarships and More in the U.S. and Canada

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The glossy cover 131 page paperback is a unique resource directory for food and farm advocates and groups seeking funding to offer educational programming, enhance production, to create farm to school programs, establish community gardens or farm markets and hubs, create new value added artisan foods and more.

Cover Snapshot Pet, Animal

Pet, Animal Welfare and Wildlife Funding: 300+ Grants, Scholarships and More in the U.S. and Canada

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The glossy cover 119 page paperback is a unique resource directory for nonprofits and municipalities seeking funding for shelters, spay/neuter programs, rescues, clinics, educational and outreach programs and more.

Both books include technical assistance with “how to” sections on grant writing applicable to many proposals as well as additional fundraising strategies.

Feel free to write me and share specific questions about funding your project or to share your successes! Send to